Services Offered
If you're searching for a company to assist you with developing your new web site, updating your current site, or designing marketing materials, you've come to the right place.  Many people think that if they put up a web site, people will just "automatically" find them on the Internet and that's all they have to do.  We assist customers with all their web site design work and help them with other marketing collateral needs.
Web Site Design & Hosting  
All our sites are custom designed so your site isn't a "cookie cutter" design used by so many other businesses, churches, non-profit organizations, etc.
Web Site Statistical Reporting  
Do you know where your web site hits are coming from?  Who's hitting your site?  Which search engines your hits are coming from?  Our full suite of web site reports will provide you with all this information.  Just click here to find out more about our reporting package, which is included as a part of our hosting services.
Existing Web Site Analysis  
We will work with you to review your existing web site to determine how it is performing, form submission issues, key word analysis for search engine optimization, etc.
eCommerce & Database Programming  
If you need on-line ordering for your business or on-line donations for your non-profit organization, we can provide what you need.  We also provide various types of database programming to meet the customers' requirements.
Search Engine Submissions & Optimization  
Your web site will be registered with all the major search engines as a part of our site design process.  We will ensure that the proper meta tags and key words are used in your site for optimization to ensure that people searching for you will actually find your site.
Google Adword Campaign Management  
If you want to get found on Google immediately after we design your site, we can help you set up a Google Adwords campaign with "Sponsored  Ads" on Google.  We have found that by doing so, google appears to be quicker in posting your web site to their "FREE" listings.  You can set the amount you want to spend based on the "key words" you wish to purchase.
Other Services  
We will register your Domain, provide POP email accounts, take care of annual Domain renewals so you don't have to worry about losing your Domain name, transfer existing Domains, provide web mail service, and more!


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